Ilakkiya! My! Love

Ilakkiya! My! Love

Ilakkiya is her name
From the lips to heart will enjoy the sweet
Breeze will come and ask her to blow
Sun will come polish her face
Many angels are serving for her maidens
She is Ilakkiya! My love
Her black hair will cover the face of moon
Her sweet red lips will cover the treasure of pearls
She is Ilakkiya! My! Love
Every dawn dawns with her smiling face and her
every walk will create new styles of dances
She will speek as a song to defeat a cuckoo and
She will create magical rainbows with her nails
She is Ilakkiya! My love
The word love starts from her eyes and
Bores my heart as an arrow to fill up her face
Swans will come to get training to walk and
deers have come to learn jumping from her
She is Ilakkiya! My love
I spent forty five years in her memories and
The remaining will go with her love


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From the deep heart comes great poems..........