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RG (March,31st 1977 / Monrovia, Liberia)


Clarification on my speech
nothing wrong with saying a truth
I understand it's out of your reach
but I spent too many years in hapless youth

i've got to express and feel
more than that, I've paid the price
slaved long over computer desktops
climbed many mountains, been around the world thrice

one thing I know, I'm not rude
i've spoken my heart and can see through
all your bullshit, and comical whims
so I stand proud speaking things you never knew



Damn right, I'm real
life for the moment
living good, un-shrill
but you cringe at torment

be a little wiser
retrace your steps
I spoke kindly of you earlier
now your wet and inept

you only hear bad
bad things you swear
shunning sweet compliments
just one word, blackened smear

you too are ill
yet polite in your stance
but I'm just outspoken
and arrogant for the chance

to say what I know
express how I burn
you'll never quite understand
because you missed your turn

love, hate, like, abate
yell, talk, whisper, cuss
slow, pause, stop rewind
ooze it out, slowly, puss

you've been dethroned
so the world bemoans
i'm too damn grown
well-mannered and well known...

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Maya Angelou

Phenomenal Woman

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I love the ending. Very powerful. Well done.