Ill Tee Jhaaah

Poem By me poet yeps poet

How do I do

you have mee
maaff kiyaa

dosttee hoe to aisse

waffa ki

humm aap se na kabhee
huain kkhaffa

naa app karenen hum par

you are the real man
human O


Comments about Ill Tee Jhaaah

If heart is clean every other thing will be clean. Let us pray to Almighty to keep our heart clear and clean all the time. Shukriya, Meharbani.
ah i read ur emailllllllllllllllllllll
Rimjhim barish ki boond Kah gaye sab kuch Nok jhok to insani fidrat hai Sahej ke rakhna gunni ka aaksh hai Tamba bhi door se chamakta hai Par tamba aur sona aapne apne jagha Nayab dhan hai. Johri jaise aakh hona jaruri hai Beshkeemti hera ko patakne ke liye Waran ham jaisi ke liye to Kaanch ka tukda bhi hera dukhe. Bahut behtareen rachna hai aapka. Aabhar aapka. Shukriya I'll tee jaah ke liye.
you r sir a tallllll poet of PPPP HHHHHHHHHHHHH

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