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Illegal Immigration…part One
(August 4th,1926 / New York City)

Illegal Immigration…part One

Poem By Stanley Cooper

They came to our shores, crossed most of our borders
Illegally, immorally bearing hate and disorder
They were not at all like us, not of our ethnic
From our standpoint, they were coarse and pathetic

Clothes they wore were foreign and strange
Color of skin quite out of our range
Too many to count, as they pillaged and plundered
We refused to believe our days were then numbered

They aspired, conspired to take over our land
Our weak opposition just abetted their plan
They ended their prayers with pious “Amens”
Not caring a whit for our Gods they condemned

In spite of their “Amens”, they brutally ravaged
Our lands and our women they labeled as savage
Too late for Immigration Reform that was needed
As the result, we Apache and all of the tribes they defeated

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