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Illegitimate Judgements
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Illegitimate Judgements

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

The doubling of standards lived,
Has cracked foundations...
Of tired traditions,
Rocked by what 'truth' is!

Passing illegitimate judgements,
From narrow minds in times that are sick.
Proves that liberty and justice for all...
Are 'schemes' sold to many,
That can't be forced to fit!

One group chooses from their point of view,
To demean with disrespect that is seen!
As another finger pops and hip hops through life...
Are marketed to have values that are the best,
Of 'worldly' sparkling blinge with diamond sheen!

Then proclaimed degrading remarks,
Starts sparks to fly with snarls and barks.
Startling those who have choosen to live apart!
In pretense separated by fences
As values praised aren't reflected on pop charts!

The troubles descending upon mankind today
Are pieces of false securities,
Once lifted blindly...
To glorify those of greed,
Sheltered and dazed.

And obvious it is,
Very few have escaped this craze.
As the passing of illegitimate judgements,
Are lifted higher...
In glorious voices raised.
To shield the wickedness,
Of these times lived...
That are savored with lust,
Greed and praised!

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Great poem, I like the whole concept and analysis :)