Illegitimate Song

Bold and strong
Yet born dirt poor.
He sang himself happy
Then he shared it with you.
Never realizing
The legacy he would leave
How others would suffer
Or how others would grieve.

Then before he died.
Yes thats a sure fact.
He told some folks about me
They didn't know how to act.
I'm blessed to have his talent
Some say his good looks too.
It really doesn't help
Daddy, I miss you.

Its the Illegitimate Song
Of so many just like me.
Who grew up without father
The man they needed to see.
Some say its alright
Not knowing who their father is
But in hidden eyes of heartfelt love
Children wonder 'Am I his.'

Its the Illegitimate Song
Where words have no end
Because what a father misses
Is where the childs life begins.
A lifetime of love
Missed from year to year.
But there is never a time
The Illegitimate Song isn't near.

by Cecelia Weir

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