No one knew.
They kept this to themselves.
For years they carried this,
On their shoulders.
With a pain unaddressed.
Cloaked in a silentness.
Then one day the birth of it shown.
They had secrets hidden and unknown.
And from their lips the truth of it flown.
Admitting it quick they felt illegitimate.
They had been impregnated by thoughts...
An outsider had brought.
None of which they claimed or sought.
And with others they had fought.
Until they realized the lies.
Seeking now to legitimize their cries.
Hoping their delay...
Has not jeopardized their lives!
They deserve to criticize like the rest.
The birthing of awareness,
Is something no one ever regrets.
When it comes to open minds...
Disception and dishonesty attempts to infest!
In these darkened times.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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