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Illumination Ii


illumination through a blessed brigade
to bask in the great expanse between time & space
equate logic for love swept underneath the rug
pulling teeth out in the street with dancing feet
love is in action to what we can fashion
it's as simple as asking in your visitation
columns of piers shelter through my fears
we must embrace this time of love's design
each new day is a stepping stone falling headlong alone
love can reach the tender heart to impart

listen to the wind the wind of my soul
hearts torn in ambition through its restitution
do you all know what you are doing
through varied trials and tribulations
one must never be faking
time heals wounds
yet time waits for no one
let us stand as one to be honored as one
each of us has been given a choice
we roll in a voice of simplicity

by John Ackerman

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