TM (1855-1888 / London)


As I start walking down the path
It is getting darker every step
Even the trees won’t look at me
Is there something wrong with me?
Am I really such a monster?
Or is it only them again
Trying to bring me down

There’s no one to guide me
Or take me out of this hamlet
Am I forced to stay here all my life?
In the shadow of others
Waiting for my chance to come
Oh please don’t let it be
It doesn’t seem legitimate
To keep me here in these chains

No matter anymore now
Just don’t bother
I no longer wish to run
I accepted long ago
That I wouldn’t stand a chance
Against so much hatred and atrocity
The shadow is not all that bad
And the keys I suppose
Will lay around here somewhere

But if you would unlock the chains
You’ll find an old woman
Living in my flesh
And looking through my eyes
You’ll see a world
Robbed of all illusion

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