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Illusion Before The Fall
SF (12th of april / Sydney Australia)

Illusion Before The Fall

Poem By Saz Fairy

Moonlight wont you be my lover
Protect me as did no other
Moonlight come and help me sing
It now just me against everything

When there is no one you can turn to
No one there to help you through
Everyone is like a knife against your throat
Life seems to end here, the past is all that life has wrote

The people that you trust, the people that you love
Have become nothing but bitchy push and shove
The once safe haven that you used to call your escape
Is nothing but a hell darkness landscape

My heart is frozen deep inside, black as the water in the darkness
The thought of the ending, thinking of its bitter sweetness
Forbidden love, that no one understands, the strange sickness in it all
The light you see at the end of the tunnel bit like the false hope before you fall

There is nothing left to do but dropp to your knees and pray
But you know there is no one listening, and you have nothing left to say
Dry your eyes, guilt and regretment is nothing more than tears in the rain
There is nothing left to protect, no point in fighting to remain

How do you talk to a angel, if I knew that, I then could talk to you
And maybe you would take my hand, try and pull me through
But there is nothing holy about you, nothing pure at all
You where cast out with the morning star, the day of the mighty fall

I died in my dreams, reaching out for your hand, my fatal disire
But all that you did, was turn around, throw me back into the fire
Pictures over time they fade but memories they last forever
Just like I know you say your sorry, but the words you said will fade never

It was somewhat to be predicted, She was on the border of insane,
I know you feel its all your fault but no one was to blame
When I turn around I hear voices everywhere, maybe it’s just a cult
But the people im now with on the other side, whisper it was all your fault

Take your sweet time, cause I will be here when you change your mind, I will be alright
I will be here for you baby any time, I will still be here tears running through the night
And maybe just think about it, I lie just as well as you, im just as good as you will ever be
I learnt from the past, I learnt from all the lying hope things you said to me

Cause if I could fall into the sky,
Do you think time would pass me by
Or do you think the glass would break my fall, it can be so cruel
Falling through the glass landing deep in the midnight black pool

Put on my rejected material, that bring me so much hope
And walk out into the world, to disappear and find someway to cope
the wrong girl has become to you much more than a passing one night stand
I may not know wrong from right, but take hope that I washed the blood from my hands

In the end there is nothing any way, travelling to peaceful dark nothingness
So quite others can hear you think, thinking of the stupidness
That the world put into things, cause in the end nothing ever matters, there is point at all
No matter what heaven you find it’s all a illusion before the fall

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