Poem Hunter
Illusion Or Reality?
(June 24,1961 / Naga City)

Illusion Or Reality?

As I glanced at the moonlit shadow
by the river, a silhoutte dance
like a theater show;
It soothed within my nerves
and fed by, no wonder as they grow!
I felt the coldly blowing wind
as the moon cleave to dark clouds
hiding like a child in fear
while glistening at a fair.
As I stood back and tow a glimpse,
it never have wrought nor clinched;
as the flow of waters crash like singed,
it called for the archers for its limbs.
Ah, a wondrous sight amid darkness
where the sparkles was like lynch,
it hits the shadow where I pen
this lovely little wondering again!
Illusion or reality, as I chose
no matter what it was
or what it should...?

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