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BB (1st January 1969 / New Delhi)


Poem By Bindu Borle

In the total darkness
There came a ray of hope
And I thought it was real and true
But that was in vain
I got bedazzled by the brightness around
The light was nothing but an illusion
Coming from the source unknown
I am once again lost
As to what I should believe
My eyes see nothing
My heart feels nothing but gasps
For a prayer.
Do it for me
I cry out in despair

Copyright © 2006, Bindu Borle

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Some make believe illusions we see every day. For instance we see the sunrise from the east and sunset from the west. But the sun doesn't move. The earth's rotation creates this illusion. Likewise, the waxing and waning of the moon is another illusion, while the shadow of the earth-in-rotation falls on the moon. Thus illusions have become part of our lives.