Poem By Bobbi Lee

Darlene's new shop is 'Illusions',
a perfect name for sure.
I sat there today wrapped in a reverie
of when you were a tiny girl.

Mother and daughter moments,
getting our 'hair stuff done';
today I sat and looked back on
those moments of perfect fun.

Most recently your last new haircut,
your perfect neck left bare,
sharing the 'dream' you had tattooed there,
you were so afraid I would be mad with you,
maybe you didn't realize that moms
dream too.

Getting ready to be a bridesmaid,
your hair was red gold this time,
Put up in curls and ringlets,
A different look for you,
Sharing a special day with your cousin,
watching her dream come true.

Prom day, early in the morning,
Darlene worked her magic.
When you got home you couldn't stay
away from the mirror, not believing
your eyes that were telling you how beautiful
you looked that day.

Little Miss Valentine pageant,
you were only seven then,
you looked like an angel from heaven,
in blue satin, ringlets and roses,
pearls on your perfect skin.

In between were the regular 'hair days';
you were so busy, always moving,
looking for something to do;
Darlene saying, 'Bonnie, look, I have a job for you'.

Sweeping up piles of hair with a broom,
it's handle taller than you were high,
Cleaning the front windows, wiping and polishing
til they shined,
while Darlene and I watched you, busy as a bee,
never dreaming our time with you would be so brief.

I woke from my reverie and looked around,
only to find you gone.
Try hard as I could to bring you back,
it's no use, we're still alone.
But Darlene remembers you fondly,
we speak of you all the time;
You live with me in my memories,
in my heart you'll always be mine.

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