Is it all real or just a dream
where nothing is as it really seems.
I wonder, I wonder, what does it mean.
What is our purpose on this place called
earth, where we all have given birth.
For some it's sadness, worry and strife,
for some it's a rich wonderful life.
What's the answer, I wish I knew
Guess it's not for us to know, but just have
faith and love each other and someday
when the time is right we will all live together
in the city of light.

by Barbara Stahly

Comments (1)

With such a finishing in your poem you should retitle it as: 'Dissolving of illusions' since in the end you have the sure and safe answer in your hands. I like those short poems telling a whole philosophy to the end in few lines, well designed with a direction and sun light in the middle of the night. Well done.I give a 9+. Go ahead Joseph Josephides Member of the International Society of Poets (ISP) Intern.Library of Poetry awarded