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Illusions Speak

Eyes that look inside.
Ears that speak out music.
Feelings that never surface.
Hair that grows inward.
A sun that turns dark.
The empty glass -upside down.
Songs without words.
Babies that never cry.
Paint without colors.
A room overfilled.
Green slim ice-cream.
Walks without steps.
Hearts empty of love.
Money that is never spent.
Empty bottle of lost DREAMS

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Comments (23)

Metaphor gallery and galore …wonderful reading pleasure Sir 10/10 Ms. Nivedita UK
Illusions that indicate a complete feeling of emptiness.....Great write Joe...10
Wonderful wonderful illusions. Wonderful perception of emptiness. Thanks for your comment on my Swedish Immigrant. Karin Anderson
whoa.......this is the best thing i have read today......well penned sir
Empty Bottle of Lost Dreams, magnificent! ! Bonnie
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