......................Gangster Gospel............................


this is the first gangster gospel rap
scarier than micheal jackson’s thiller
nothing can be more real sir!
i told the preacher
from the depths of hell came strange creatures
all with gross satanic demonic features
each, and everyone up to no good
posessing brothers, and sisters in the hood
so scary is this story i’m about to tell
satan ran straight back to hell
the priest said calm down all is well
but father i said it’s not! ! ! !
we need holy water, garlic, the cross, alot
he started laughing
i started running
a demon snatched off his head
that’s what he gets for frontin
i kept running then slowed down
i see demons all around
one on the corner selling crack
i keep walking, and i don’t look back
up pops a fine skeezer
thank god i’m a believer
satan comes in many ways to decieve ya! !
here comes one disguised as a friend
trying to get me to walk the path of sin
everywhere i look they keep coming
these demons are so cunning
lord i got to keep on moving
so i’m running
i see a gang in a alley
sipping forties, gambling, using profanity
guns showing creating instant insanity
the type of junk young kids admire
i grab them, and tell them you can get higher with the messiah
that’s the true dope
they believe me now there’s hope
we start a invisible army
our motto no evil can harm thee
through the depths of hell we march
gangsters of the lord
no mistakes can we afford
there’s a ship bound for heaven
we want to be on board
the battle is fierce
so god sends guardian angels
we attack demons from all types of angles
but soon as we kill them they multiply
so many of us start to die
armagedeon in full effect
revelations told you what to expect
so now we walk through the valley of death
there’s only a few of us left
so i grab bottles and click, click
warriors come out to play
yes it’s judgement day
here they come eyes glowing
the fear in our hearts showing
i yell heaven is better than this
the battle is rough soon we’ll cease to exist
lord i never thought it would end like this
all of a sudden our dead become angels
wings of silver and gold attack from all angles
from heaven shines a powerful light
demons scatter running with all their might
but to no avail
i guess that’s why satan ran straight to hell
that’s my story and i’m sticking to it
dont let those demons around confuse this
it’s straight gangster gospel music.



Comments (5)

Very cohesive in its delivery. A subconscious brought to life. Like it!
Wow. This one is amazing. You capture a moment in time brilliantly.
An enjoyable piece; nice write!
The hauntingly beautiful 'I llusory'what a fine way with words here,10 from me Just Brilliant Love Duncan
And his woman of his dreams lays by his side no more. I dream them next to me at times too. Good one.