Im A Cutter

Poem By Fallen Star

Im crazy & suicidal.
My life revolves around a blade.
Its my answer to all my problems.
My way of life.
& u people sit here and ask me why.
Let me tell u a little story............
I was born into a drugy Family,
I grew up without a Mother
Or a Father.
Their lips were stuck to the pipe
well my blade was stuck to my wrist.
My brothers ran the streets well i watched my aunt get beat....
I turned to my cutting life at the age of nine.
I've been bounced around like a basket ball
& in every home
I watched another man put hands on a lady.
I've been threw more Sh** then u could amagin.
My lfe has gone up & down,
I've lost people to drugs, death, & prison.
My life went from a table on two legs to a brick house & back again.
I've been forced to live as an adult scence i was seven
watchin kids all day every day.
Now im screwing up my own life.
Im crazy & suicidal.

(My life has got much better and im getting help but some times i still stuggle)

Comments about Im A Cutter

How great to understand that you are getting help. I quit smoking years ago...and it is getting better...but sometimes, I still struggle with my addiction...

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