Im A Down Syndrome Child

Poem By Nasra Al Adawi

No one else but me
Had been stared at
Like a starnger on earth
They look at me worried and afraid
I smile and they hold back
Are they frighten of me?
Or is it who I am?
A downsydrome child
I reach for their love
I find none
I wonder if Im real or deviant on earth
In their polite silence, Im rejected
So I am a down syndrome but still need your affection

Comments about Im A Down Syndrome Child

These wonderful creatures of God have inspired the best of you Nasra. They touch our lives more than the people who stare care to admit. Wonderful poetry, but this is your best.
Having been related to a beautiful down syndrome child...three of them....I Just have a smile when I ever I recall one of them....You do not see children with special needs ion play ground or being taken out with parents in my country...once it happens...people tend to stare...I
Thank you for sharing this, differences are feared rather than rejected by many people. It is sad that you have to be the one to ease our worries with a radiant smile.all the best L
Very moving.....I think many of us are afraid of what we don't find familiar.....afraid to offend with the wrong words or actions. I guess silence can be just as wrong. Sincerely, Mary
Beautifully put down. And we - we are not proud of our reaction... but when we sing with you, it's different...!

4,5 out of 5
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