Im A Drug

everyday its the same old thing
girls giggle when i walk by
and guys just want to scream
people hate me because i dont care
and girls love me cuz i show no fear
people come and hug me that i dont know
people come and hang with me just for a show
people dont know that cant handle the truth
but your bout to know why im deadlier than you
girls that tatsted these lips cant get enough
when you see me your eyes get lost
i got deep blue eyes that will trap your soul
i got nice blonde hair that the wind loves to blow
i got a six pack that doesnt hide
and best of all you dont know that im high
my girl now hates my friends
she sees past my good looks and sees a heart within
she fills my soul with love and power
oh her god spent an extra hour
her lips are so soft that im on a could
a taste so sweet i feel on fire
but the darkness in my past will never go away
she wont be mine for more than a day
im a drug that everybody loves
a drug that noone can get enough
a drug with power but evil
a drug that she can walk away from
but shes my drug and my love just begun

by Danny REBELCHILD McGinnis

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