SF (15/4/90 / dampier)

Im Already Bad

its necessary that i bury any muther fugger fairy
u'll be talking like em very skary
all the stuff bout chu
is like mother mary's cherry about to pop
so stop chompin this mockery of hip hop
on top of poppin the bill
ima poppin the vein
for the same ur gunna be moppin up bits of the brain
get it, let it go dog
koz ur too slow
ur just a low blow hobo
with new clothes
a no hoper lyk an athiest
with da brain compacity of a chick pea
cause ur a homophobic
cause wen ui come home
i come so hard her brains impregnated
and gives birth to jesus
this earth is ours for the taking
no i aint tryna b bad
im already bad

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Langston Hughes


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