i tell them when they come under me
though my shade won't make you cool
love as much wholeheartedly
for love break all the rule.

stay together for years on
for small things part not way
if from life love is gone
it's hell each living day.

it seems they don't hear me
though i say it in high voice
tell them live life willingly
and not once waste the choice.

i tell them live life together
till death do you part
don't just let a bad weather
break your loving heart.

it so seems they don't care
though i always tell to them
let no storm break the pair
extinguish heart's flame.

i tell them it's not that hard
can do it each of you
if can do the two lovebird
you two can easily too.

i doubt it if their ears
lend time for my voice
when it says through joys and tears
stick once you make your choice.

i can't do more from my place
than tell them wisdom's words
i love them and heartily bless
while scaring away the birds.

by Pradip Chattopadhyay

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