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Im Going To Get You.
CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Im Going To Get You.

Poem By Chelsea Hansford

Alone in the shadows,
Feeling the hate,
Eyes full of redemption,
Two seconds too late.
My breathing is staggered,
Maybe this is true lust,
Giving in to the senses,
Before you almost combust.
Blanketed in darkness,
A ghosts one regret,
One thing left unanswered,
But I could never forget.
Bones blown to dust,
And in the great trees,
A whispering of whispers,
Spreads a humble disease.
Slinking to music,
That no one can hear,
An orgasmic symphony,
Of your radiating fear.
I know you can feel me,
Can taste me inside,
Dont try to run now,
Theres no where to hide.
This is not torture,
It's just our foreplay,
I'll tease you with daggers,
Till your absorbed in decay.
Your scream is so perfect,
It shoots up my spine,
No one can hear you,
And soon you'll be mine.
Dont look over your shoulder,
Thats not where I hide,
Im carved in your flesh,
In your soul I reside.
Im the haunting tune,
That revolves in your head,
Go on then, start running,
Soon you'll be dead.
Running down the alley,
You cannot see me,
You cannot see how beautiful,
Your heart is when it bleeds.
You're crying now, how perfect,
Look at those precious lips,
Quivering with uncertainty,
The devils cup we'll sip.
Begging for my mercy,
I smile to the night,
As I cut out your soul,
Its the most amazing sight.

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