Im In Love And War

Im in love with a man
who make me sooo happy
he always keep a smile on my face
When we together I feel like im in heaven
My baby promise me he would always be there for me
through my ups and down
he keep his promises
Is thats why im in love? ? ? ?
One morning as i wake up
I get a text message from the # i dont know
The message says ' thee man you in love with
is actually my husband
We have 2 beautiful kids and we been married for 2years
As im reading this message
My heart is beating fast
Head is spinning
Hands is shaking
Tears rolling down my face
My world just came crashing down
Now i realized im in Love and War
With the man i though was mines
The man i was ready to spend the rest of my life with
I didnt know love can turn out this way............

by Jovahn Davis

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Comments (3)

Veary good, you should try to cut out the Filler words, (and, the but) Im preety bad with that to, n get to the emotion of the poem, Please see study such poets as emily dickenson, Erica Jong, Margret Atwood, Sylvia Plath, but realy your poetry is quiet good!
I LOVE this poem- it touched my heart and my spirit deeply- good work-
Youur Really Good At Whatt Youu Do I Lovee Thiss Poem.! (: