Im Invisable

this isn’t the life you expected
this is to Vernacular for me or him
i want to sleep to read
to write to eat
to love those who need me
to run away from all those bad thoughts
to get my courage one day and stand for what i want
to tell an adult that they are wrong
to let my friends play along
to sing the same song over again
blasting the music so loud that people have to scream
to run so fast that no one can slow you down
i want to be able to do anything I want
to be free
i should be but im not
the only thing that people arnt free of is their mind
it’s never anyone else fault it’s always yours
hearing those words you’ll never go on
so why can’t this music go any higher.
i want to know that I have a friend
one that will stick up for me
when others hurt me
i don’t show pain
and never gain
i wont complain
i fall and hurt my knee
no one can tell
i’m invisible waiting for someone
no one walks down this road
those who do die soon ahead
so why am I still here?
is it because I have no fears.
i want to get out
but once you start you can only finish
but you know it is
everyone says it is so who are you to believe
i have no clue anymore
people want to know me
if you want to know me read this again
ask me questions for I can tell you only
im fine on the outside
no one has seen me cry
but the inside you will never find
it’s gone like almost all my friends
good bye to you

by alexandra anderson

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