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Im Leaving
CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Im Leaving

Poem By Chelsea Hansford

One more time to try again,
What am i trying for?
Will it always be the same,
When im needing something more?
Will you tell me its ok,
And that you love me still?
Will I love less every day,
Because your not giving me a thrill?
I dont know why im staying,
When your lies forced me to leave,
I can hear all you are saying,
But what do I believe?
I have lost the reason,
To stay and love you now,
Its the changing of the season,
But i just dont know how.
How are you still thinking,
That my heart is all for you,
I can feel life sowly sinking,
With your heart that is untrue.
You think im just a trophy,
You need to make you a man,
But i am leaving for me,
I hope you will understand.

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