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Im Letting Me Go
TR (1995/08/19 / limpopo)

Im Letting Me Go

Poem By thabang ramafhi

im letting me go
all that time i was young
but now i have grew
im letting you know
that im letting me go

i cant be stuck in a child play
trying to find a way
hoping that today
will be different from yesterday
but everyday is all the same

i cant go around in circles
as it makes me dizzy
all lies and deception.
as you stood in front of my dream,
of dancing african contemporary
as u said i must do something permanent
but to you i was just a temporary thing
i mean what we had to you was just a fling

im letting me go
as i say it
it may sound sarcastic
and I may sound melodramatic
as your unenthusiastic
i was charmed with your poetry
that contained words wich were bombastic
u were not abusive
but lunatic and you made my life hectic

i cant let you go
but i can let me go
you were just fooling around
going in circles
as i hoped that you
may walk out through the trapdoor

im breaking the chains
that bounded me to you
im setting myself free
i cant chase expired dreams
but all i can do is to let myself go

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