EA (4th April 1983 / U.K.)

Im Lost

The burning up feeling,
The muffled screams i can hear in the distance,
they're coming from me,
I feel sick,
I feel scared
my heads spinning,
I cant take it in
my heart aches so much.

The power you have over me,
sometimes its too much to bare,
I cant cope with this sickening pain,
why do i need you so much in my life.
you hurt me so much though you never realise it,
I try and talk to you
but you never listen.
I love you with all my heart
yet you dont show any intrest.
im scared of loosing you,
your my world.
what else can i do to save something so special and right?
Im lost.

by emma anderson

Comments (3)

Wow I felt your anxiety in this one and your fear of loss. Emma I'm sure you deserve better if this is you.
The most important person in our lives is ourselves. For we can be nothing to nobody if we do not have our own power first. No person should ever have such a hold on us as to cause the kind of pain this poem shows. Taking control of ourselves is always the first positive step to feeling the power and being able to stand tall. This poem shows how so many in relationships allow themselves to be controlled. A great expressive poem. Well done
You are right Emma, to ask this in a poem. And perhaps it will lead to an answer, even though I get the impression it is not as bad as it appears or is portrayed here. Also, remember, if you hear your muffled screams in the distance you have taken steps already. All assuming that we poets always write about ourselves. How silly. H