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Im Not Quite Sure Whats This Is About So Ya

You always gave me something to believe in
However sometimes they were false hopes
I guess I just didn’t know where to begin
I was just sliding down all these slopes

I wanted to believe all you said
But all you did was lie
But all you were doing was tangling me like a thread
I guess I just have to say you’re a pretty fucked up guy

You told me that you loved me
All I could do was believe
Some of the things you said I couldn’t help but disagree
All this time you have had something up your sleeve

When you talked to me it was hard for you to look me in the eyes
You just look down and kept on talking
Was it hard for you to tell me all these lies?

What is the use of talking we never talk about anything
I just felt like we were falling apart
Just diminishing

I just want us to be you and me
And us to be happy

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