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Im Not Sorry
HN (8/27 / Victorville)

Im Not Sorry

Poem By Heather Noble

I'm not sorry for the things I said
when I was hurting deep inside.
They were things I had to say, and
things I could no longer hide.

I get called spoiled and
also a brat
If people knew the real me
they would not say that.

I cry deep inside everyday.
Every night.
The only thing I wish is that
everything was right.

Nothing seems right.
Nothing seems fair.
It's harder for me cause
I have no one there.

No one to guide me or
help me at all.
I feel claustrophobic.
My world seems so small.

I gotta get out and try
being by myself.
If I don't there'll be
nothing left.

I hope for the best and
pray at night.
That one day everything
will be alright.

However long it takes
I'll be right here.
I won't say 'I'm sorry'
and I won't cry a tear.

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Comments (2)

This poem provokes thought. In between rudeness and softens life swings. Your idea is quite amazing...10
I love it especially the ending great job keep writting!