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Im Not You
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Im Not You

Poem By alicia mullins

right now things are weird at home
my parents dont give me any freedom, no room to rome
things are so confusing right now
i gotta figure this out, i have to but i dont know how
so many boys like me and i like some boys
but i cant tell my parents that because they wont support my choice
my parents keep comparing me to them when they were kids
but i'm not them so just let me live
they tell me to learn from their mistakes but i dont think i can
i have to make my own mistakes to really understand
my grades arent really good and i dont really like softball anymore
my parents think its because i'd rather hang out then study or practice more
they dont like my friends because of their race
they always judge my friends by the color of their face
just because they'r not the same color doesnt make them a bad person
i try to explain that to them but they just dont seem to understand
this is my life and i'm gonna live it
get over the fact that i'm not you and just deal with it...

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this is beautiful, really so true and i can surely relate, keep up the wonderful work. eman awad