Im So Glad Your Hurting

Poem By Chelsea Hansford

Im so glad to hear your aching,
Well maybe im not glad,
But im feeling satisfied,
That you're feeling really bad.
Because I gave you everything,
And you never seemed to care,
But now that its all over,
I can clearly see your tears.
Im feeling quite elated,
That your love for me was true,
Even if you never said it,
Its now pouring out of you.
But now I think its too late,
To fix what went wrong,
You should have been loving,
And respectful all along.
Your friends got in our way,
Your family broke my smile,
Your ex kept comming into it,
Because she was in denial.
But i put up with that,
Maybe for too long,
You should have stood up,
And stopped all that was wrong.
But you let me suffer,
At the hands of everyone else,
Even if it wasnt you,
You didnt stop the hurt i felt.
So now that you are crying,
Trying to make it right,
Just remember one thing,
This really isnt your fight.

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