Im Sorry

Poem By whitney davison

i cry my tears..
acting as so many words..
i dont kno how to say this..
it just seems so obsurd..
u think i would have known not to do something like this,
but i guess now..
its you im gunna miss..

you yelled at me and threw a few things,
you gave me that cold stair..
i couldnt bear it i just staired down at the ground..
unable to meet your gaze..

i sit there on the floor..
bruised and confused..
crying my heart out..
as my mind replays you..

i said i was sorry
a thousand times over..
but it wasnt enough..
i really hope its not over..

i love you so much..
i only know this much..
im sorry i met you..
im sorry i made you sad
im sorry i mad you so angry and mad..

i didnt wanna hurt you..
but i didnt know what to do..
so i just sat there on the floor..
beatin and confused..
but i guess i didnt deserve you..
so this is what i deserve for screwin around on you..

i didnt deserve you..
but you loved me
for some odd reason..
i just dont know what is true..

my head aches..
im bleeding so much..
not so much from you..
but so much from the blade of the knife..
as it struck me over and over again..
so deep so strong..

i take the pills.
i cant feel a thing..
i just keep going and going..
trying to feel its sting..

i lay there on the floor..
where we first met..
where we first kissed..
im recalling all that bliss..
all that i didnt deserve from you..

i lay there on the floor a bloody mess..
i carve your inatials onto mi chest, ,
it not like a normal design because this one is done
with a shiny silver blade.. and the crimson red stains..
i lay there on the floor..
and shut mi eyes for ever more..
and mi last words i whisper..
'im sorry i couldnt be perfect'
and i just lay there forever more...
as im drifted into an everlasting sleep..

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