Im Stuck

im stuck on a poem
i dont no what to do
i no the words
they just dont come through
i think and think
all the time
i get the words
they just dont rhyme
it drives me crazy
i just cant write them down
hopefully my face wont get stuck in a frown
finally the words come out
it makes me want to give a shout

by jasmin bell

Comments (4)

to write a have to feel it inside before.. its not that a big case to penn your feelings through a words.. just try to feel it.. thx for sharing.. keep on.. hazem al..
Poem is all about an idea, who cares about the rhymne. It's what you have to say in a nice way. You have come this far ain't you! . You don't have to try so hard. Relax It's in you.
im suffering the same case now.. im totally agree withyou.. you put the words very well.. poetry has gained a soft poet like you
fantastic, well done, thanks for sharing