Image Of Hamony, Unity And Serenity.


Image of Harmony, Unity and Serenity.
The morning,
Is dawning,
The sun glides above the horizon,
We are the Erie Indians,
The cat people,
Ghost people,
Are gliding across a mirror of our selves,
Reflection of bodies perfect,
Rippling ribbons created by the bowl of our war canoe,
Creates the only disturbance,
The plunging power of our paddles the only turbulence,
Our chanting the only sound to break the silence,
The canoe glides,
We ride,
Song echoing across quietness,
Traveling the vastness,
The paddles are dug in,
Stroking in time of perfection,
Giants of the forest tower above us,
On either side of the river,
Fog drifts in, like ghosts we disappear,
Then reappear,
Erie’s and eeriness compatible,
Echoing sounds of chanting and paddles splashing,
Breaking of a mirrored surface,
Reflecting faces that show no pain,
Show no strain,
The fog and mist clears,
Revealing the sun climbing higher and higher,
Setting the water on fire,
Colors bleed,
The water increases speed,
Passes us with haste,
We pick up the pace,
For we are near home,
Our families wait in anticipation,
Their laughter and chatter drifts in the breeze,
The atmosphere is electric,
Eagerness consumes our very soles,
Increased energy flows through our bodies,
We step up the pace,
Our loved ones and friends are wadding out into the shallows,
At last we are delivered,
Greetings are enthusiastically given,
Why did these people vanish?
Osceola Birdman Waters.
A vision my Dream.
copy rights pending.

by Osceola Waters

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