Image Of Life

World has this different and unexplainable life
Its like a terrorist world with terrorist person
See the fears on the eyes of people
They abuse them and treat like an idiot
You can't avoid this kind of life
But hope still the best thing that you have

Economic crisis on this idiot world
Makes the people poor and turn around
All their future are erase on their minds
Their dreams are all turn down their head
Hope was failed on the life of a person
Not to believe that God is always there for us.

Image of a good and peace world
Its like a heaven for people
Life like an angel is life as a princess
Happiness on the eyes of people
You can see on it that hope is life.
Hope makes the world safe and peace.

God is always in our life
Even there is trouble after happiness
He is on your back to support you
Believe in Him because He gives hope
He gives another life for you to continue
Because life had always another life.

by khaisarez sugui

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