Image Of Love *revised*

There’s an image of you
That I cannot remove
From my memories imagery
It's so serene, so beautiful
It would be as so
It only occurs once a day

When the sun touches horizon
And sends fingers of orange
Unto the royal blue sky
Grasping its last moments
Before the dark of night
Can swallow it whole

The way the light hits the trees
Is enough to lure me in
But when you hold me close
So close that the rhythm
Of your precious heartbeat
Could just as easily be my own

That’s the feeling I wish lasted forever
When the sun cast its grasping rays
Reflecting against our loving bodies
Creating the blazing orange aura
The visual of what love must be
The show of passion between us

by Britney Hogue

Comments (4)

A very colorful description of love. Certainly an image that love itself might choose were it able and inclined to do so. In that sense, it may be said to be a love tribute. I thought it was written well. There were no obscure references to hinder the reader. Just a fine writing. GW62
The passions exude in this one. Lovely, Britney.
wow, this young dude has to be very happy for a damsel not to erase his image to bay. Soul stirring!
A very fine poem with everlasting beautiful imagery. No doubt image of love is eternal. The whole poem is great except the last four lines which seem to me like anti climax, if removed will increase beauty of the poem. The poem deserves 10 anyway. Keep up the good work, Britney. Best Wishes Naseer