At the break of dawn each day
when I awake
my eyes invariably stray
to that niche in the wall
where a portrait used to hang
a hook
rusty with the ravages of time
still there
and while I stare
the wall
is suddenly no longer bare
the image of a face appears
with those piercing eyes
as always so endearing
and that proud smile
of a young ambitious man.

Gradually the image changes
a receding hairline
graying whiskers
a wiser look
a kinder smile
yet in those eyes
something seems amiss
I see a sadness that never used to be.
And as the image slowly fades
as always
and the memories of a lost decade
invariably remain
I wonder why.

by Sandra Martyres

Comments (10)

the image is constant...but our perspectives keep changing, don't they?
A moving write Sandra, deep and expressive,10 Lynda xx
Such a haunting piece Sandra and it make me think about the supernatural. Your emotions are very heartfelt and it brought my emotions to the fore too. I liked the couplet rhyme you used in the 3rd last line and the last line.
So deeply emotional and expressive, made me ponder and imagine..thanks for this delicate one..10+++ A.
wow...wonderful work... I was carried and tempted to ponder and wants to imagine images on the wall Very touching thoughts...brilliant ideas you shared with us here.. i, simply love this....10+++++
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