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The Sound Of Rain...
( / Connecticut)

The Sound Of Rain...

Poem By Premila Patel

The introduction of a feasting on greed,
Will never see a reduction of it mentally.
The feeding of the taste buds HAS been teased.
A scrambling for nuggets of what 'was'
Has too many on their knees,
Pleading for a return to satisfy their yearnings.

And regardless if the cupboards are bare,
Fantasies to replenish them
Even from the pounding on rocks,
From foundations crumbling,
Disturbed by the constant knocking of shocks
Will not stop a determined stubbornness,
That impairs a widening of fixed and restricted visions.

The seeking done of another way,
To restore what no longer exists
Has from minds been dismissed.
Since there are those who can not let go,
Of images embedded in heads once fed.

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