Images Of Childhood

AH! the days of childhood when we were young and free
Nothing seemed to bother us no worries could we see.
When school time was over, and holidays were here
The air was filled with excitement and we'd run out with a a cheer.
Those days they stretched before us, time for play and fun
We'd be tired but happy when the day was done. Sometimes the boys would go fishing, the girls would hang around
Maybe take a picnic and sit there on the ground.
We'd all queue for the pictures, the Saturday matinee'
And kids would swoop like mad things on the lady with the tray.
My friends would come calling, ask if I could go
But when I asked them where to, they said they didn't know. We'd all walk around for ages, maybe play a game
Someone kicked a ball one day and broke a window pane.
Well we all enjoyed swimming, doing that was great
Me! I was always being told off for swinging on the gate.
Days were long and happy, the sun was very hot
Some days we didn't do much, others we did the lot. Those memories of childhood are far too long in time
Would fill up many pages to write down every line
Memories that we treasure, shadows that we cast
Are but our reflections in the mirror of our past.

by Iris Taylor

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