Images Of The Woman I Desire

Her lips part and open to a white arctic sea
a baby seal gutted and bleeding all joy and desire.

Everything given to this world
must be born somewhere.
'Happiness' is an element
which claims it’s birthright in her eyes-
merry birds appear spontaneously where she looks.
Yet how can it survive through such sorrow
like a sun beam that thrives on an ocean floor?

She cries, but laughter intertwines and chokes her;
she laughs, and tears do the same
round her throat, an ivy vine
choking sorrow with laughter round the tree.

Ivy vines
choking sorrow
with laughter round the vine.
ivy round ivy round ivy vine
laughter, sorrow, tears, and joy
ivy vine round ivy vine

In her eyes,
a twinkle, a song of the universe lightly chimes
a light child and a dark child,
holding hands and dancing round the vines.
“Here ye, here ye”
“There ye, there ye”
“Dear ye, dear ye”
“Fear ye, fear ye”
hand in hand
like ivy round the vine.

The light one laughs
the dark one cries in rhyme
the light one yawlps
the dark one yells in perfect time.

by Jason Stutz

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She sounds like mother nature Jason, I hope you find her. Very absorbing work. 10 from first and foremost, mother Tai