I walk barefooted
in an imaginary sand;
I paint my masterpiece,
in an imaginary canvas;
I sing a lovely tune
In an imaginary voice

My footprints
were washed away
by the imaginary waves.
My painting was hung
on an imaginary wall;
My song was heard
by an imaginary crowd.

©️2018, Jez Brul, All Rights Reserved

by Jez C Brul

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Comments (60)

I love the imaginary imagery that you created... but your poem is beautiful and real enough. Thanks for sharing.
An awesome flight of imagery. Thanks for sharing.
Imaginary this poem helps me write.....
In 3 minutes is possible to express a lot feelings more then book with 500 pages... Emotion make good word not a paper...
So very true, your mind can take you anywhere you wish to be. An excellent write. Tango.
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