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I walk barefooted
in an imaginary sand;
I paint my masterpiece,
in an imaginary canvas;
I sing a lovely tune
In an imaginary voice

My footprints
were washed away
by the imaginary waves.
My painting was hung
on an imaginary wall;
My song was heard
by an imaginary crowd.

©️2018, Jez Brul, All Rights Reserved

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rich imagination you have here.
Beautiful and engaging. It's like a good dream so soothing and relaxing. This loving crafted poem warmly washes over you. Thank you Jez for sharing this. Added to my poem list.10+++
Imagine imagining all we do is imagine? let's go create our story now as imagined
Very nice to read, well expressed.
As all writers know, the words that stay in your head cannot change hearts or minds. But every poem written gives your creations a chance to change the world; perhaps make it more peaceful, more loving, kinder. Thank you for sharing. I love the way you express yourself.
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