AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Imaginary Lover

Co-written with Caryn hull)

Kiss me soft or kiss me hard
Do it intentionally or catch me off guard

Grab my hands and whirl me around
A stolen dance on secret ground

You are my delicious forbidden fruit
Enraptured in the thrill of pursuit

Pluck me from the ripened tree
and bite into my flesh tenderly

Dizzy me with the aroma of your lilac wine
Intoxicate me with pleasures of your own design

Carry me helpless in your willing arms
Faint under the spell of your incessant charms

Enchant me with whispers of music in my ears
Erase this delusion I’ve lived with for years

Will I ever wake up from this silly dream
It’s not like I could just buy some vanishing cream

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