Respect The Struggle

Respect the struggle
Strive to prevail
Stop wondering
What’s fake or real
Respect the hustle
You can not fail
Get on your feet
Let your spirit set sail
Respect the hard times
For what they are worth
They teach us a lot
But they indeed do hurt
Respect the real
Ignore the fake
The fake will take
What you worked hard, to make
Respect the wise
For they kno wisdom
When they breathe no longer
Do not forget them
Respect the game
Even if you don’t win
You have to learn to lose
In order to win
Respect the dignity
That no one can take
Be strong
Sooo you won’t break
Respect the process
Of life it’s self
Whether poor or rich
Life is a gift
But when it get’s hard
It’s almost cursed
Respect the rewards
For working hard
But don’t let that
Taint who you are
Respect the struggle of
Life’s a bitter sweet curse
But you can turn that around
And make it a blessing in the works
That feels sooo good
It needs no words
My friend,
This is the end of my
Bitter sweet words

Respect The Struggle©
By: Sumira Sarai

by Sumira Sarai

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Thank you, Lamar for your appreciation. Merry Christmas :)
This is a very nice and creative poem about imagination.