Behold, the beauty of time....
Behold, the one my heartbeat sing for...
Ceaselessly his charm revolves....
Like thunderous waves making his way through the forest,
The trees and leaves part way..
My heartbeat like an alarm clock.
What a vision.

Watching as he paddle his canon toward the west side of the furious river...
I marveled at his power of control and authority.
Even the water obey his command.
What manner of man are you, I asked faintly?

As he undress his apparel,
I watched interestingly, mouth wide open..
Eyes popping out from her socket.
The water tremble as he stepped into the river.... the water splashes his tan face, he smile away.....
Showcasing a well structure white set of dentition.

His chest well structure like the tower of babel..
And his arms well chisel,
Gently he washes himself,
Wishing they were on my body.....
My body open up..
His manpower protruding firmly and dangling from east to west....
I yearn.....
my gaze, disrupted by a sound.
My eyes turn away,
As I return back to continue....
All I see is you-IMAGINATION.

by Blessing Ekpe

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