Scattered is my energy today
Plans to tackle tasks abandoned
Thoughts turning to dreams
Of what could be

Open minded to others ideas
Seeing only the best
In everyone i meet

Heart and imagination
Running wild
No constraints by reality

Escaping to fantasy
Resetting my priorities

by susette varga

Comments (8)

Heart and imagination Running wild No constraints by reality..imagination is a great faculty....... it is more than intelligence.. says Einstein. so imagine, develop it....... thank u dear poetess. tony
Thank you Jez and luckily we have imagination to escape to... often better than our reality huh
Our minds can do anything that we imagine. In our imagination we can choose what we want...we are in control of how we want things to be in our unique world we created. Wonderful write, dear poet Suzette..💗💟10+++
It's a lovely little poem poem! I appreciate the sweet poetic expression......10
Absolutely agree Frank! wish i had time to escape more often to this world hahah x
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