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A little boy
In a blue striped shirt,
Khaki shorts,
And bare feet
Looks through
Green binoculars
Out the window,
Into his imagination.

Maybe today
He’s flying
On a magic carpet
Like Aladdin.
Or sailing
On the high seas
Like Popeye.

His rocking horse,
Teddy bear,
And green stuffed sea turtle
Are eager to
Join him on
His adventures.
When he’s
A cowboy,
His trusty horse
Is his sidekick.
When he’s
An astronaut,
His teddy bear
Sits next
To him in
The rocket.
And when he’s
A scuba diver,
His sea turtle
Is his tour guide.

He sits on
A four poster bed
In a bright
Room with
Hardwood floors.
Using his
Green binoculars,
He reaches
Into his
Beyond the touch of
Everybody else’s

by Sarah Hunt

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This is a very cute write, thank you for sharing it with us. Scott