Sitting in the corner of my favourite coffee shop,
Gazing at the people pass by;
Pretty, ugly, tall, and short, which does not bother me.
The only thing which excited me was thinking of you.
I was trying to paint a picture of you in my mind.
After sometime I did and it was picture perfect,
I am satisfied with it.
I wish you were here with me,
So that I don't need to paint pictures,
Rather look at my angel and never take my eyes away from her.
You are not with me it is the truth,
But, in my mind you are always with me
Holding me, caressing me, and loving me endlessly.
The feeling of you being with me is so strong,
I can't even imagine where I am.
I did not want to come out of this imaginary world,
The only place where you and me are alone,
And no other disturbances.
I can feel you touching me and moving closer to me.
Every inch you come closer my heart beats faster,
My mind speaks to me;
'Fool bring her closer to you and tell how much you love her'
I whispered 'I love you honey. You are my whole world'
You burst in to tears and said
'I too love you too, and always will be yours'
You were fluttering your fingers and trying to get my attention.
I looked at you and the only thing I saw was your innocent smile.
The twinkle in your eyes was the magical wand you had,
Which created magic that stopped my heart for a while.
Then you gave yourself to me and pretended you were helpless.
I fondled your hair and moved my lips closer to yours,
And kissed you softly.
You were excited and speechless. I asked you 'why? '
You nodded your head and muttered 'nothing, continue'
Our souls became one, and the pureness of our love overflowed.
Then we were silent and I felt you were speaking right in to my heart,
And the feeling was extravagant.
We were becoming passionate and were enjoying every moment we had.
Instantly our privacy was invaded by a strange voice.
it said 'have you finished your coffee? '
I realized that I was in an imagination at the coffee shop.

by Nilesh Tavarayan

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the aroma of coffee...or should I say the aroma of imagination has entered into my room as well...imaginative lines