Pretty ponies and unicorns
Protect me from thunderstorms
Manbearpig comes and saves me
Gives me some of his neverending candy
Come with me to a place
where strawberry fields are where you lay
Where the sun is always out
And ukeleles are all about
Playing music just for fun
lying under a green sun
Runny babbits and talking cars
flying monkey's and self-playing guitars
Nothing bad every happens here
Nothing to worry about, nothing to fear
It's where your friends are lice
But don't worry cause they're all nice
You can never get out of line
nobody's wrong, two equals nine
won't you come with me
where we always are happy
it's not a group or organization
It's just a place called imagination

by Soupy Pettry

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♥ i think that this is supper creative ♥
I love this poem! ! ! very good! ! !