I wanted to escape from the world of cares
To a place where the days have no nights and the nights have no darkness.
So I closed my eyes and there I was.
The night was bright as day for the day had no night.
The air was so fresh... oh so fresh.
I could do whatever I wanted with whoever I wanted and whenever I wanted!
I didn't have to eat for they knew no hunger there... no thirst.
I could fly! Fly through walls and sink through floors.
Then I opened my eyes and realized I could be anything, do anything, marry anyone, talk to anyone...
In my imaginations.

by Benson Muthoka

Comments (2)

True dat in my imaginations I can be whatever I want to be, .....the list is endless. I love this poem.
In my imaginations... so true. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Coreena