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The cardboard castle protects the king
The worthy knights are friends with dreams
With wooden swords and paper crowns
And horses made by clicking sounds
That's rode by those who dare to dream
Beyond a world that can't be seen
By minds that limit what they believe
When imagination has no bounds
To take us places we've never been
Or close our eyes and drift like clouds

That comes to life with silhouette's
Of ships that sail the sky
Or shapes that's so familiar
Wishing to believe they'd come alive
Telling tales of great adventures
Taking those who wish to fly
High above and free to journey
With imagination at your side
Endless wonders are yours to hold
When you open up your mind

Cause within we're still the boys and girls
Who dreamed of kings and queens
Whose yard was made of distant lands
Where friends could make believe
That battles won, and dragons fought
Was more than sticks and trees
But a place we sometimes forget
That imagination gives us wings

Kevin D. Fix

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